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White water rafting          Canoe rafting      Fantastic rafting trip on the Ahja River
  Summer rafting trip on the Võhandu River

Why a rafting trip?
  • Easy fresh-air activity
  • Everyone can steer the raft
  • No fear of getting chilly as everyone gets to row
  • No fear of flipping over – it is an extremely stable mount
  • Therefore you can bring along your children, maybe even grandma and granddad
  • The raft fits more than 2 persons – even 12
  • You can play Alias on the raft, have a picnic and sing ... all the options are limited only by your own fantasy!

Recommendations on personal rafting equipment:

Footwear. Use older, closed or half-closed light shoes. Don’t use shoes with open heel and toe part as you might hurt your feet when stepping down from the raft. Shoes will get wet and muddy during the trip. As gumboots present a higher security risk, they are not recommended – when you jump into the water, they will fill up with water and prevent you from swimming. In springtime it is recommended to wear a thicker sock, which would keep your feet warm while wet.
Headwear. Use headscarf or a hiking hat with a strap. This will protect you from sun, rain and bugs and there is a smaller chance of it getting lost.
Gloves. If you wish, you can use thin gloves. It is recommended to use neoprene gloves on trips in early spring or winter.
Top clothing. Fleece (in springtime) + waterproof jacket or a raincoat.
Spare clothes in case you get wet.
Waterproof bags for documents, car keys, video cameras, cameras, mobile phones and spare clothes.
Drinking water and food. We recommend you to take along regular bottle water, chocolate, muesli bars and nuts. In case of a cold weather a thermos filled with hot tea could be of much help.