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Kicksledge trekking.   Kicksledge trekking. You can move 40 km/h.  Kicksledge trekking. You can move with peaceful trekking.

Kicksledge (kickspark /finnish sledge ) trips

Kicksledge  trekking is entertaining and environment-friendly way of moving. Kicksledges tend to remind us of fishermen or old village ladies. An Estonian saying tells a good child has many names. So does the kickledge. In Estonian it is called soome kelk (Finnish sledge), potku, soomik, tõukekas.

Times change and traditional tools with them. Modern kicksledge (Finnish sledge) has undergone as big a change as the bicycle and looks modern and handsome with its light metal frame and metallic paint. If we add lightness, comfort and ergonomic design, the result is an attractive and entertaining vehicle for people of all ages.
Kicksledge trip is not only a family-friendly but also an environmentally friendly way of exploring nature in winter.
We use modern lightweight aluminium sleds, so everyone can have a go. For families with children there are also sleds with seats.
Groups starting from 10 people. Smaller groups will be combined. 
Duration 2 to 2.5 hours. Distance about 7 km.

Individual equipment: warm and weatherproof clothes (hood recommended), headgear protecting ears and the back of the head, high hiking boots, warm socks, gloves and scarf, small backpack for personal effects.
Do not bring any alcohol, excessive items to wear in the bag or on your back.
How does one ride the modern kicksledge? You can move with peaceful trekking pace or 40 km per hour...