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Canoe rafting on the rivers of Ahja and Võhandu

A canoe rafting trip can make your birthday, company summer retreat or an outing with friends memorable and fun. A canoe raft that is supported by three canoes and covered with a platform is extremely stable and safe. This is why this type of raft can be used by larger groups including children and grandparents. You can move about or hold a picnic on the raft, play board games, sunbathe, fish and take photos of the surrounding nature.

Canoe raft is a craft put together of several canoes. The raft is supported by three canoes and topped with a platform, therefore being extremely stable and safe. The raft can be used for group trips and also for riding kids. You can move on the raft, take pictures of the beautiful nature and all that without any fear of flipping over. Different activities you can do while rafting is limited only by your own imagination. You can grill on the raft, so you wouldn’t have to land for eating.
Rafting is easy, the flow of the river will carry the raft and two to four rowers keep it on its course. The raft fits up to 12 persons.
Group size: minimum 10 people

Times and prices
01.04–31.10 (spring- autumn)  advance bookings only
Ahja River trip: lasts for about 1.5–2 hours; price: €16 per adult
Võhandu River trip: lasts for about 3–5 hours; price: €20–€25 per adult
A rafting trip for children: €12
Exact price to be clarified by service provider.
Method of payment:     Cash

Level of difficulty
Easy, suitable for children

Features and amenities
  •     Guide
  •     Safety equipment
  •     Hiking equipment included
  •     Catering at extra cost
  •     Transportation to the destination not included

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Mobile phone:     (+372) 514 9822 / (+372) 566 78113