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The Mooste manor\'s nature trail

The Mooste manor’s nature trail 

The Mooste manor’s nature trail is situated in the Mooste municipality. You can choose between 3 lenghts of the trail: 3 km, 15 km and 24 km. The trails start and finish in the manor house and you can pass them either by walking or cycling. You can follow the trails by kilometre posts, and we recommend using orienteering maps in order to make your passing the trail easier. The maps are available at the information stand of the Mooste Linakoda. The trails pass along picturesque and versatile forester areas; you can see a spring, Forest Brothers’ farm, burial mounds, Siimuniidu and Hullumäe sand quarries, and the lakes of Mooste and Laho; the longest route passes the Arniku mushroom and wild berry forest, which has many ancient burial mounds.